Announcement of Policy for Novel Coronavirus Infection

2020/02/19 Updated: Change of refund method due to cancellation

Eventbrite's refund policy hasn't changed, so we've received a lot of email requests for refunds since yesterday.

I have read all the messages from all of you and will accept various thoughts such as voices that regret canceling the event and expectations for the next event. On the other hand, there were a few that contained harsh opinions and heartfelt messages. We would like to take these feedbacks seriously and respond to them individually, but focus on a uniform refund now for limited resources.

To prevent refunds from leaking, we will change the refund method as follows.

  • For general attendees will be refunded regardless of whether or not they have been notified via email
  • For general attendees who also sponsor individually will be refunded regardless of whether or not they have been notified via email
  • For individual sponsor and want to be refunded, please send an order ID and an indication that you are an individual sponsor

Please note that the refund will take approximately a few days, as it will be a refund operation by manual operation.

Thankfully, we have heard that we would like to donate the entry fee. About this, we will inform you at a later date after we arrange the method.

I have some questions from you and I will answer them.

Q1. Can I get a refund to my bank account?

Refund via Paypal. As stated in the policy, refunds will be deducted from Paypal usage fees.

Q2. How many days will be refunded?

We will process your refund as soon as possible, but after processing the refund, it will take 4-5 days to enter your account.

Q3. Please refund the money for the flight and accommodation.

As described in this article, please note that refunds other than participation tickets will not be accepted.

Feb. 18th, 2020 Update: Cancellation of try! Swift Tokyo 2020

We'd like to announce to you we have made the difficult decision to cancel the try! Swift Tokyo 2020. All events in try! Swift Tokyo 2020, including conference, speaker dinner, party and workshops are cancelled.

try! Swift Tokyo 2020 is the world's largest Swift tech conference with about 900 attendees, of which about 200 from 30 countries and regions are coming to Japan.

However, in the context of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and associated pneumonia, overseas attendees may not be able to enter or leave Japan. Also in Japan, the government has requested that the elderly and those who are more susceptible should stay at home for all but urgent situations, there are restrictions on sponsors' booth exhibitions, and restrictions on event participation by each company. These changes in social conditions also place an excessive mental burden on the try! Swift 2020 staff. For these reasons, we have decided not to hold this year's event.

We would like to thank all the participants and speakers who have been waiting to hold the event, those who have given a message to join next time, and those who have continued to support us.

In accordance with this article, we will refund your tickets. To get a refund, please send a refund request from Eventbrite. If you cannot find the refund option, please send your order ID to . Refunds will be made at any time, but due to accounting reasons, the deadline is April 30, 2020.

In addition, we have decided that it is not possible to hold an alternative event due to the fact that most of the speakers live overseas.

We would appreciate your cooperation in refraining from contacting staff directly, except for Daiki Matsudate on this matter.

try! Swift will continue to be a place for all Swift developers, including iOS and macOS, to gather, share knowledge, and enhance each other. The next conference will be held in NYC.

We appreciate your understanding of this decision and your continued support.

try! Swift Tokyo Main Organizer Daiki Matsudate

Feb. 14th Update: Who Refused to Entry Due to Novel Coronavirus Infection

Following restrictions on entry into Japan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the following conditions have been added. For the health management of all attendees, the following people are refused to entry the venue, regardless of whether the conference is held or not. If applicable, please cancel from Eventbrite as soon as possible:

  • Who have already infected or suspected to have the novel coronavirus infection
  • Residents in Hubei and Zhejiang provinces, where entry into Japan is restricted, and those who plan to stay within two weeks before the conference

The above restrictions may be expanded or relaxed by the notification of the relevant ministries and agencies in the future. For updates, please refer to Twitter (@tryswiftconf), Email registered with Eventbrite and Website of try! Swift Tokyo.

End of update

try! Swift Tokyo would like to announce about our policy for novel corona virus infection. We are taking the risk of infection seriously, so, if the infection spreads more in Japan, we may have to declare try! Swift Tokyo 2020 to be cancelled.

1. Judgment of cancellation

We’ll judge the cancellation with the infection status in Japan, based on the official announcement and the instructions of the relevant ministries.

Considering the situation where many attendees from oversea will come, we will make a primary decision on 18:00 JST on March 11, 2020, one week before the event. we will notify attendees, speakers and all sponsoring companies if we judge to be cancelled.

After our primary decision, we will make a final decision on the event based on 9:00 AM JST on March 17, and announce it as soon as possible. In particular, we will consider the status of travel from overseas.

If we decide to cancel the event, we will notify you via Twitter (@tryswiftconf), Email registered with Eventbrite, and try! Swift Tokyo website.

2. Cancellation due to novel coronavirus infection and its concerns

We will refund try! Swift 2020 tickets for any reason, including cancellation of an aircraft, suspension of visa issuance from the embassy, ​​request from a company to refrain from traveling, and cancellation of participation due to personal health concerns. However, due to the usage system, PayPal fees will be borne by the attendees. In addition, expenses other than tickets, such as travel expenses and accommodation expenses, will not be covered by us.

3. Refund of tickets due to cancellation

Following the previous section.

4. Schedule change due to novel coronavirus infection

We won’t change the date and time due to novel coronavirus infection. If the conference is held, it will be held following the schedule posted on the website.

After cancellation has been declared, we may announce the alternatives. We think that it is difficult to hold on the same venue at the same size because we have inviting speakers from overseas. However, if there is the option to hold an alternative, we will notify you on our Twitter, by the email registered on Eventbrite and our website.

If we have an alternative, we would like to make it available to attendees as possible who have canceled due to novel coronavirus infection.

5. Target events by cancellation

If we cancel the event, we will do the same for all official events hosted by try! Swift Tokyo. The targets are the whole conference, speaker dinner, party, and workshops.

Also, whenever having the conference, please note that particular workshops may be canceled or venues may be changed depending on the venue status.

6. Travel expenses for speakers and scholarship participants

We pay for the travel expenses of some speakers and scholarship students. We will take responsibility to ensure that they are not financially burdened.

7. At the venue

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's website states that:

When attending events or events where many people gather, each person should keep in mind cough etiquette and frequent hand washing, and the host of the event or event etc. We ask that you consider possible measures such as installing an alcohol disinfectant at the entrance.

In response, we will install an alcohol disinfectant at the venue. We will respond so that you can spend your time with peace of mind as long as it does not hinder the excitement of the event.

8. Future information provision

When having some updates, we will let you know on Twitter (@tryswiftconf), this article, and our Slack. Also, In our Slack, we provide official information of novel coronavirus infections and respond to your questions. Please use it for your safe attending.

9. Official Resources

These are the official sources we use.

We obtain information on the availability of travel from overseas on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Example: Israel

We ask you to also get accurate information from primary sources.

try! Swift Tokyo